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  • Русский язык шаг за шагом Уровень 1. Учебник / Russian Step by Step Beginner Level 1. Textbook

    Have you tried to learn Russian and failed? Don’t like feeling overwhelmed when learning grammar and vocabulary? Want a course that will NOT jump to the next point before you could digest the first one? This book is for you! Enjoy the bite size pieces of information that is well structured and with all grammar simplified. Get the benefit of "getting it!" while learning all the core grammar, essential vocabulary and simple conversation. Listen to over 6 hours of natural audio recorded by native speakers and hear what Russian sounds like in real life! After finishing this book you will have solid knowledge of: - Russian Noun Case System, - Verb conjugations, - Present/Past/Future Tenses, etc. You will be able to: - Talk about yourself, - Order in a restaurant, - Navigate daily life, etc. The book is full of drawings and charts that make the learning process fun and easy to follow. The AUDIO component (you can download for FREE from, all the instructions for download are printed inside the book) is included. The FREE AUDIO helps you: - Memorize new vocabulary, - Understand the language as it is commonly spoken, - Develop listening and comprehension of the real Russian language, - Review and retain the previous material. This book has 14 reading/pronunciation pre-course exercises and 21 lessons in the Main Course. It has over 6 hours of audio, an English/Russian and Russian/English dictionary, grammar tables, answer keys, Audio script for all the Audio tracks and additional free materials after you register your book on the website. Beginner Level 1 is the second step in the 'Russian Step By Step’ series has 21 lessons and comes after Reading Russian Workbook. Russian Step By Step Beginner, Level 1 is designed for beginners who have already been introduced to Russian and have some grasp on reading Russian. It can be used with or without a teacher. If you are a total Beginner and cannot read Russian please start with Russian Step by Step Reading Russian book.
    392 страниц, Мягкая обложка
    Издатель/ Изготовитель: Createspace 2012 г.

    Язык: Русский, Английский
    Ean: 9781479321247
    ISBN: 9781479321247
    Цена:  52.00 €
    (47.27 € без НДС)
    Отправка: 1-2 недели после оформления заказа

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