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How to use the shopcart

Should You - as we hope - come across something interesting on our site, please click Add to shopcart to reserve the interesting item for purchase. The item "enters" the shopcart and stays there, unless You delete it. To delete an item just click "Delete" and Refresh shopcart. It is fairly easy to use the shopcart: should You not wish to place an order at once, the program "memorizes" the contents of the shopcart, and, when You revisit the site, You will be able to review your shopcart and renew/refresh the contents. You can check the contents of the shopcart any time by clicking "My shopcart" on the left panel of the site. It is also possible to accumulate items in the shopcart, and, to place an order at a later date. By doing so You will be able to save on shipping costs, however, by accumulating items for a long time You may miss some of them, because we may run out of some items by the time You eventually order them.

Should You wish to order a certain amount of a particular item, please enter the necessary number of goods to the box under the word Quantity and click Refresh shopcart. If You enter the number 0, the item will be deleted from the shopcart.

If You have mistaken in Your choice of the number of items, by using the key "Return" You may return to the initial position even if You have already clicked Place an order.


First step: checking the contents of the shopcart
Having picked all necessary items to the shopcart, You start placing an order by pressing the key Place an order. The steps of placing an order will be suggested/prompted for You coherently. In the end of the procedure You will be suggested/prompted to check all the parameters of Your order (composition of the order, method of shipment, method of payment etc.). In case of discrepancies, You will be able to return to any of the previous steps of ordering and change the parameters of the order. Any items in the shopcart will be included in the order in the amount selected by You for each of them. If everything is all right, click Place an order.

Second step: Choose the delivery type We offer you two methods to receive the desired products.
*to fetch the order at Ruslania's shop at Helsinki, Bulevardi 7
*to deliver the order by post To select, click on one of the options. Now, the next step will appear.

Third step: Choice of delivery address
Items may be shipped either to the main address indicated by You when registering, or to any other address indicated by You. You may also indicate the name and address of another person, should You, e.g. purchase an item as a gift.
This, however, shall be indicated separately (field Special wishes) later on during the order procedure). Please note, that shipment outside the European Union shall be VAT-exclusive, and therefore, if You indicate a non-EU country, the price of the order shall be reduced by the sum of VAT (VAT=0%). In this case the parcel might get stuck in the local customs and the Buyer might need to pay taxes in his own country when receiving the shipment.
For packages with items in a total value under $100, there is usually nothing extra to be paid. However, this varies regionally. For further information please refer to the local customs office. If you see the address you want to use for delivery, please click the address. Otherwise, please click Add another delivery address.

Fourth step: Choice of payer's address
If you see the address you want to use as the payer's address, please click the address. In most cases, it is the same as the delivery address. Otherwise, please click "Add another billing address.

Fifth step: Delivery type
You will be suggested 3 alternative methods of shipment: Express, Priority, and Economy. The difference between the price of these is significant, and we recommend to compare the alternatives and select the best option. If You want to pick up the products in our bookshop in Helsinki, then select the option I want to fetch the order at Ruslania's shop on the second step of the order process. By doing so You will save the cost of mailing and parcel handling. In this case the products will be reserved for You and waiting for You to pick them up during one week.

Sixth step: Notes and confirmation of the order
Here, you can give us any Wishes concerning the order, for example, you can indicate the name and address of another person as the recipient if you're purchasing an item as a gift.

Please confirm your order contents. You can open the terms of use by clicking the underlined terms of use. After you tick to agree, the Place the order button will become clickable. Click to submit your order.

Now the order is finalized and will appear on the Ruslania's orders system.

Please tick on of the payment options and click Confirm the payment type.
If you choose an online payment system, You will be referred to the closed site of the chosen system of payment. Having done this, You will return to Ruslania's site, where You will be told at once whether Your payment has been accepted or not. In case of acceptance of the payment, You will be able to continue Your presence on our site, or to exit. If the payment for some reason has not been accepted, You may try again to affect payment. There is no danger of double payment, since electronic banking systems do not accept two similar sums during the same day.
You may pay for Your order by using electronic banking systems (DanskeBank, Nordea, OP-Pohjola in Finland), the national credit card company Luottokunta, which accepts payments with Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard (Credit/Debit), Visa Electron and American Express or the international online payment system Paypal.

You may also pay for Your order to Ruslania's bank account. You will find the necessary banking information on the page of the payment. Also, payments in USD checks are accepted. Check payments in other currencies than USD are accepted only with additional banking fee, which is 25 % of order's total sum. If You pay by credit or debit card, use electronic banking services or pay with USD check, the order will be shipped immediately after we receive the verification of payment. Both corporate clients and individuals may be invoiced. Finnish customers will receive an invoice along with the ordered goods (inside the package). In case of a non-Finnish customer, Ruslania retains the right to request an advance payment. In this case we will first send an invoice in attachment of an e-mail message in PDF-format. The order will be shipped as soon as the payment has been registered on our bank account (if the ordered titles are in stock). In international payments we recommend using the IBAN-number (International Bank Account Number) in order to minimize the extra banking fees. We reserve the right to request an advance payment from Finnish customers according to our consideration.

Please pay attention to the method of payment and note that for payment via electronic banking systems You need to have a special agreement with the bank; just keeping an account with the bank is not enough! For further information refer to Your bank.

Ruslania's service personnel will be pleased to help You and answer You questions. Do not hesitate to contact us at or to a phone call (see telephones and other contact information at Contacts).

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