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Matryoshka Daria Red, 5 items

Matryoshka Daria Red, 5 items

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Ah, matreshka - the painted soul of Russia! Souvenir and toy, symbol and legend.
The nesting souvenir is more than a symbol of Russian folk art, it is a national treasure and national pride.
As a rule, they are purchased as mementos. Traditional Russian dolls will be a great souvenir for a foreign guest, an international delegation, a colleague from abroad or a collector. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, since it carries a piece of original Russian culture.
It's a handmade gift "with soul", which will leave the memory of Russia and the presenter.

Material - wood: linden, 5 items
Sizes of the biggest nesting doll
height - 10 cm and diameter 5.5 cm
Color may be different, one of the samples is shown in the picture.
Made in Russia
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