1. Cashbackworld

Treten Sie uns als Stammkunde bei und sammeln Sie Cashback auf Ihrem Bankkonto und Shopping-Punkte für jeden Ihrer Einkäufe in Ruslania und 150.000 anderen Online- und Partnerunternehmen weltweit. Registrieren Sie sich hier https://www.cashbackworld.com/de/registration/partner/18301544 und laden Sie MyWorld App auf Ihr Handy herunter. Dort finden Sie auch Ruslania.


You also get Cashback at Ruslania! Myworld.com is an international bonus system, in which you earn 1-5 % cashback from your each purchase. The same card/system is accepted by 150.000 companies and shops worldwide.


If you’re interested, register here


Please check the new video about Ruslania and Cashbackworld at Youtube.


After you’ve registered, you’ll receive to your e-mail a request to accept Ruslania’s newsletter subscription (not compulsory) and a request to finish the registration. At this point you’ll give a password to your account at MyWorld. Now you can download the MyWorld App at Google Play or AppStore. If you want the earned Cashback to be refunded to your bank account, go to MyWorld.com and give your bank account number at Settings, Payment info. If you want the earned Cashback to be left on your Cashback account, you can use it to purchase Vouchers at MyWorld.com or flights and accomodation at Travelworld.com. So it's not required to give your bank account number.



If you want to earn Cashback for your purchases at Ruslania.com, go first to MyWorld.com, search for Ruslania and click on Ruslania.com. This will take you to our webstore. If you don't find us, then select Finland for the country in where you're searching for.


We’ll register your purchase and the 1 % Cashback will be applied to your account. You’ll also earn Shopping Points, which you can apply when you use the promotion Deals at MyWorld.com


It’s very important that you use your Cashback card/account when you buy travels or visit restaurants, for example. You can see all participating companies at MyWorld.com or the MyWorld App.

Am Tag der finnischen Unabhängigkeit am Mittwoch, den 6. Dezember, sind die Mitarbeiter der Kundenbetreuung von Ruslania zu Hause, um einen wohlverdienten freien Tag zu verbringen. Wir sind am Donnerstag 7. Dez.