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About us

Articles about Ruslania

"Russia Today" article with Ruslania's Russian stacking dolls as an illustration  Ruslania's match boxes appeared on the front page of the Izvestija newspaper!  Ruslania appeared on the "You Are Here" magazine of the Finnish Kämp Hotels Chain, issue Autumn 2017Herald Tribune 2006

The New York Times 2006

Ruslania Books Corp. - for everyone interested in Russia and Russian culture

About Ruslania

Ruslania.com - whenever you're interested in Russia and Russian culture, or if you're interested in Finnish and Russian language, we're here for you. Wherever you are, in Europe or overseas, we will deliver!

Who we are

Ruslania is one of the largest whole sellers and distributors of Russian books, films, music and periodicals. We are experts in Russian books; both literature and text books for learning.
The company maintains probably the largest sales catalogue of Russian sheet music titles in the world.

Our team is a mixture of young talent and industry veterans, with a passion for books, customer service and international logistics.


Since the market in Finland is limited, Ruslania has been developing its international business strongly in recent years.
The book store has customers in all continents. Thanks to its strategic location in Finland, the company has good connections to Russia as well as very quick and reliable deliveries to all countries.


Ruslania is tightly focused on distributing Russian products. In the selection there are products also in other languages, but each title has something to do with Russia. Thanks to narrow focus, Ruslania can offer very high standard of service to both corporate and private customers interested in Russia and Russian language.


The company structure is very simple and there are no high costs for bureaucracy. This can be seen first of all in the pricing. Secondly, Ruslania can offer much more personal service than most of its competitors. Ruslania's customer service is always ready and willing to take telephone calls and to give you the best service.


Ruslania provides its products for a wide variety of customers such as:

  • University of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Bank of Finland
  • the Finnish Central Criminal Police
  • Over 2,000 Finnish export companies
  • Over 17,000 private customers in Finland
  • Over 55,000 private customers in other countries
  • Over 400 public libraries in Finland
  • Library service organizations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada and Australia
  • Kamakura Musica, Japan
  • as well as book shops and book agencies.

Amazon & Abebooks

Since 2007, Ruslania has been active on the amazon.com marketplace. The company is now the leading supplier of Russian products to Amazon customers besides its own webstore.

Ruslania is also an active seller at Abebooks.com:



Ruslania Books Corp. was founded in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland. It is a 100% Finnish family owned business. We have been online since May 2002.

CSR program

Get acquainted with the corporate social responsibility program of Ruslania Books Corp.


All is fine. The books are here, and you did great job sending them safe. Great product! Thanks again!

Have a great fall!

Milka C.


I must admit that I am impressed with your site, though I must also admit that I can neither speak nor read Russian. 

Dave B.


Your new site is very well-arranged and very useful in practice! 

Oliver P.


Exactly what I was looking for! I couldn't find this music anywhere else, and it arrived faster than I expected.

Nicolas Q.

I'm impressed how fast you are! I wish all online businesses were as efficient as yours. Thanks a lot!

Thank you for prompt delivery. Very happy with the purchase.
Rollin J.
I highly recommend this seller for its prompt service and the excellent condition of the items I have ordered and received.

Perfect seller. Highly recommended

Michael L

I received the book in about a week - from Finland!!!! Extraordinary service!!! Most satisfactory - and the book is great!!!

ellen di p.
An excellent source of Russian books,cds and dvds. Frequently has items not available through my local Russian bookstores. Recomend highly.
I'm satisfied completely. Thank you.
Yves F.
Great CD, timely shipping -- thx!
Ian B.
Sooyoung H.
great service and CD - thank you,

Herman W.




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