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Kalevala. Pictures by Tamara Jufa

Kalevala. Pictures by Tamara Jufa

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The monument of the world literature — the Karelian-Finnish national epos "Kalevala" is given in classical translation by Leonid Belsky, in the last lifetime edition of the translator (1915). Artistic advantages of this translation still remains unsurpassed.

The book is illustrated with works of the Karelian artist Tamara Yufa. Already for more than half a century "Kalevala" remains the main creative topic of the artist, bringing her popularity and recognition. Works are made in different years, are present in the art museums and private collections worldwide. These works based on the epos were never published together with the text of the epos, the majority were not published at all.

The publication of the book is dated for 80-year anniversary of Tamara Yufa.

Collected and processed by Elias Lönnrot
Translation by Leonid Belsky
Artist Tamara Yufa
Drawings at the beginning and the end of runes are executed with the assistance of the artist Margarita Yufa

The text is printed according to the edition: Kalevala: Karelian-Finnish national epos. — Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1989.

Images used in the book:
• from funds of "Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia", “National Museum of the Republic of Karelia", the Karelian regional department of "Union of Artists of Russia", National Museum Association "Art Culture of the Russian North"" (Arkhangelsk), Vologda Regional Art Gallery, "Olonets National Museum of Prilukin";
• from a collection of Municipal budget educational institution of additional education of the Petrozavodsk city district "The palace of creativity of children and youth";
• from Tamara Yufa's collection;
• from private collections in Russia, Finland, the USA, France, Norway, Sweden, Austria.
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