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Russian Grammar in Use. A1 level.

Русская практическая грамматика. Уровень А1: для начинающих
Russian Grammar in Use. A1 level.
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Russian Grammar in Use
An essential guide for English-speaking students
This is the first part of a brand new grammar course. It is ideal for:
- English speakers with some knowledge of the Russian alphabet
- learners who are revising their grammar skills from their first 100-150 hours of study (level A1 of CEFR).
It is suitable for study with a teacher or independently, and it can be used as a main textbook or with supplementary materials. All the explanations and instructions are given in both English and Russian.
The language material is presented in an accessible way, with plenty of communicative tasks. A lot of exercises are based on humorous texts which will make students smile.
The Revision sections test knowledge immediately, while the Use of Russian chapters test grammar points from previous units.
The course makes the learning process easy and entertaining by providing useful tips and comments along the way, including:
'More information' - Each rule is divided into parts, so students can focus on just one idea at a time. Any important addition to a rule comes with this sign.
'Note' - Secondary details are marked with this comment.
'What nuances may arise?' - Designed for students who always ask extra questions and would like to know more, these cover more advanced knowledge (which is helpful to everyone but is not significant in mastering A1-level skills)
'It's surprising!' - These comments accompany grammar points which may seem strange, astonishing and illogical - even to native Russian speakers!
'To the teacher' - Intended for teachers only, these comments provide tips and lesson ideas based on the authors' own teaching experience. These are provided in Russian only.
'Do you remember?' - In this section students are asked to recall a relevant rule and are reminded of it.
Answer keys and a vocabulary are provided at the end of the book.
Первая часть пособия предназначена для тех, кто начинает изучать русский язык или повторяет грамматику, которая входит в программу первых 100 - 150 часов изучения (А1). Материал изложен в доступной форме, сопровождается большим количеством коммуникативных упражнений. Есть перевод на английский язык. Пособие может быть использовано в качестве основного учебника или дополнительного материала при обучении студентов и стажеров университетов, а также на курсах, под руководством преподавателя и для самостоятельной работы. Имеются ключи. Электронное приложение с иллюстрациями на сайте издательства.
Pervaja chast posobija prednaznachena dlja tekh, kto nachinaet izuchat russkij jazyk ili povtorjaet grammatiku, kotoraja vkhodit v programmu pervykh 100 - 150 chasov izuchenija (A1). Material izlozhen v dostupnoj forme, soprovozhdaetsja bolshim kolichestvom kommunikativnykh uprazhnenij. Est perevod na anglijskij jazyk. Posobie mozhet byt ispolzovano v kachestve osnovnogo uchebnika ili dopolnitelnogo materiala pri obuchenii studentov i stazherov universitetov, a takzhe na kursakh, pod rukovodstvom prepodavatelja i dlja samostojatelnoj raboty. Imejutsja kljuchi. Elektronnoe prilozhenie s illjustratsijami na sajte izdatelstva.
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