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Lessons on Finnish grammar (in Finnish)

Lessons on Finnish grammar (in Finnish)

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The author is in her text present in "I" form. This approach to the subject matter is something special in the field of writing textbooks on foreign languages, but for Vuokko Heikura it was a natural way to write because when she started writing, she imaginated herself to be a young Finnish woman who is writing a long letter to her foreign pen friend, hoping that this would become interested in the Finnish language and would like to learn at least to understand written Finnish, with help of a dictionary, of course. Her writing of "letters" in this purpose resulted in a quite comprehensive description of the construction of Finnish. Readers will hopefully start admiring the Finnish language, and think that the Indo-European languages they know would not offer material or basic principles enough for this kind of a story.

The repertoire of linguistic terms in the book is not larger than Finns themselves are used to learn in school when they are taught Finnish and foreign languages. In the beginning there is the compulsory foundation with ABC and genuine pronunciation, as far as it is possible to describe the finesses of speech in writing. Further, for instance vowel harmony, possessive endings, consonant grading and inflecting nouns in cases are handled much, while less attention is paid for the conjugation of verbs. At last however, the most important thing that the writer wants to teach her pen friend is a special but basic feature of this language, namely the fact that there is a delicate system according to which native Finns instinctively choose the forms in which they use words as subjects, objects, complements and adverbial modifiers correctly. When doing so people understand each others' messages at once and correctly. Primarily the content of all messages is "who did, what did, when and where?", or isn't it?
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