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  5. Russkij jazyk za 10 dnej.

Russkij jazyk za 10 dnej.

Русский язык за 10 дней.
Russkij jazyk za 10 dnej.
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This Russian course for beginners will help the foreign students to learn how to read, write and speak Russian. The book has three parts. The first part introduces Russian letters and sounds. The second part leads the students into the practice of Russian speaking in very various communicative situations. The third part describes some important rules of the Russian grammar.
The book can be used for either self-learning or for learning with a teacher. The grammar comments are given in both Russian and English translation.
Пособие предназначено для краткосрочных курсов начального этапа изучения русского языка с преподавателем (10 дней по 5-6 часов ежедневно).
Posobie prednaznacheno dlja kratkosrochnykh kursov nachalnogo etapa izuchenija russkogo jazyka s prepodavatelem (10 dnej po 5-6 chasov ezhednevno).
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