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Russkij - legko! Russian... It's easy! (including CD/MP3)

Русский - легко! Russian... It's easy! (цена включает CD/MP3)
Russkij - legko! Russian... It's easy! (including CD/MP3)
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Russian… It’s easy (for English speakers)
This course is designed for adult students, the native speakers of English, who begin to learn Russian and who want to get the first level certificate. The course would be of practical use for those students who want to master their knowledge of the basic Russian phonetics, grammar and vocabulary.
The main focus of the manual is to help the students to start speaking fluent Russian. The verbal material is logically structured.
The textbook contains 12 sections. Each section contains phonetics, lexics and grammar. In order to make the material easier to understand, there are grammar comments which are written in Russian and in English.
A CD is added. The book can be used both for the classroom work with a teacher or for independent studies.
"Русский - легко!" - это:
- хорошо структурированная информация;
- интригующие истории;
- грамматические комментарии на двух языках;
- большое количество упражнений;
- речевая практика;
- красочные иллюстрации;
- таблицы, схемы;
- русско-английский словарь;
Этот учебник поможет вам легко и грамотно заговорить по-русски.
Он также будет полезен для тех, кто хочет систематизировать свои знания об основных явления фонетики, грамматики и лексики.
Курс расчитан примерно на 250-300 часов занятий.
"Russkij - legko!" - eto:
- khorosho strukturirovannaja informatsija;
- intrigujuschie istorii;
- grammaticheskie kommentarii na dvukh jazykakh;
- bolshoe kolichestvo uprazhnenij;
- rechevaja praktika;
- krasochnye illjustratsii;
- tablitsy, skhemy;
- russko-anglijskij slovar;
Etot uchebnik pomozhet vam legko i gramotno zagovorit po-russki.
On takzhe budet polezen dlja tekh, kto khochet sistematizirovat svoi znanija ob osnovnykh javlenija fonetiki, grammatiki i leksiki.
Kurs raschitan primerno na 250-300 chasov zanjatij.
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