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Ermitazh. Istorija. Arkhitektura. Kollektsii. Albom na russkom jazyke

Эрмитаж. История. Архитектура. Коллекции. Альбом на русском языке
Ermitazh. Istorija. Arkhitektura. Kollektsii. Albom na russkom jazyke
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The Hermitage museum is celebrating it's 250 Anniversary in December 2014!

Voted as the best book ever about the Hermitage by the board of Directors of the Hermitage in 2007.
560 page monumental hardcover monograph on what is arguably the most opulent and extensive museums in the world. Texts are in Russian, with thousands of full color photographs of views of the architecture of the museum and photographic reproductions of the staggering richness of the collections housed there. Bound in cream colored cloth.
The book has no slip case, paper cover or shrink wrap.
Kieli: venäjä.
Eremitaasi-museo viettää 250-vuotisjuhliaan joulukuussa 2014!

Kirjassa ei ole erillistä paperikantta. Eremitaasin johtokunta on vuonna 2007 valinnut tämän kirjan parhaaksi koskaan julkaistuksi kirjaksi Eremitaasista.
Эрмитаж отмечает 250-летний юбилей в декабре 2014-го года!

Альбом об Эрмитаже знакомит Вас с великолепными залами и прославленными шедеврами всемирно известного музея.
Ermitazh otmechaet 250-letnij jubilej v dekabre 2014-go goda!

Albom ob Ermitazhe znakomit Vas s velikolepnymi zalami i proslavlennymi shedevrami vsemirno izvestnogo muzeja.
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