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Sex v bolshoj politike.

Sex в большой политике.
Sex v bolshoj politike.
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Irina Khakamada: "Sex in big politics"

The present day bookshops are stuffed with public politicians’ writings. They can be classified as some kind of political person’s biography and some kind of disclosure: rivals’ intrigues and power racing secrets, known to everybody, are exposed. Fortunately, there are always exceptions. This is the book of Irina Khakamada “Sex in big politics”.

As any closed pool Russian elite has its own unwritten rules, laws and concepts. Mortals can not even hear of it. But Irina Khakamada made bold to let us into it. “Sex in big politics” is the collected physiological essays where the former State Duma Deputy, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, the Minister of the Government shares her experience of living and surviving in the upper spheres. And this experience is not metaphysical, it is very specific one – how you should behave in elite receptions, in governmental passages and cabinets, during foreign business trips, in front of TV cameras and standing on a tribune; what you should be dressed on, how you should manoeuvre turning round any danger; what is prohibited to do in no circumstances, even if logically it is necessary, and vice versa; how one or another phrase, inflexion and comma are interpreted from Kremlin language to the generally used language; what additional arts of war should be mastered by women to enter that world where still men rule.

The book is written very wittily, without pathos and with great portion of self-irony. There are a lot of delicate and exact observations, fables, paradoxes and aphorisms. I am sure that this book will be read with great interest both by those who are not indifferent to politics and those who don’t care about it.
"Я расстегнула кофточку на груди у власти" ,- говорит Ирина Хакамада. Если вы готовы пойти дальше - откройте книгу "Sex в большой политике".
Сегодня Ирина делится с читателем искусством выживания в большой политике.
Легкая и эмоциональная, с курьезами и анекдотами, точными наблюдениями и ироничным взглядом на известных лиц, книга понравится всем: как любителям серьезной литературы, так и поклонникам развлекательного чтения.
"Ja rasstegnula koftochku na grudi u vlasti" ,- govorit Irina Khakamada. Esli vy gotovy pojti dalshe - otkrojte knigu "Sex v bolshoj politike".
Segodnja Irina delitsja s chitatelem iskusstvom vyzhivanija v bolshoj politike.
Legkaja i emotsionalnaja, s kurezami i anekdotami, tochnymi nabljudenijami i ironichnym vzgljadom na izvestnykh lits, kniga ponravitsja vsem: kak ljubiteljam sereznoj literatury, tak i poklonnikam razvlekatelnogo chtenija.
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