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Books, author: Dontsova Daria

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      Darya Dontsova
      Russia, 07.06.1952
      Darya Dontsova was born in Moscow in 1952. She graduated in journalism at Lomonosov University. From 1985 onwards she taught French and German. She started to write ten years later in 1995. Her husband is Decon of the Dept. for Psychology at Moscow State University. Darya Dontsova lives in Moscow with her family - and her dogs.

      Dontsova has been the star of the Russian bestseller lists for over two years. With her enthralling, but devastatingly amusing, thrillers she has consigned the competition to the bottom of the list.

      Many titles and permanent bestsellers Total print run in Russia: 42 Mio Copies sold in 2002: 15 Mio 13 Titles available

      Dontsova's works are being translated in: Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine
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