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Vladimir Vysotsky: Newsreel, Part 2 (3 DVD)

Vladimir Vysotsky: Newsreel, Part 2 (3 DVD)

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As is known, the popularity came to him with songs. And how many people are lucky to be direct viewers and listeners to "live" performances and concerts of Vladimir Vysotsky? The notion common not so long ago that Vysotsky had almost no shots is only partly true. It is because the rare documentary footage of newsreels for a long time were not readily available a wide audience of viewers. But the years pass, and "time gives its secrets" ...

Footage, which the late '60s and throughout the' 70s of the last century managed to shoot the TV companies (mainly foreign) and separate cameraman going literally bit by bit over thirty years. The present generations born after Vysotsky have a happy opportunity to see the footage, the existence of which the poet's contemporaries did not even know ...

This publication presents selected fragments of the chronicle biography of Vladimir Vysotsky. Not so much with specific dates, facts of life, and perhaps, most importantly, that the second had to do - with his songs. Most of them lifted up his biography itself in fate. The fate of the poet, whose voice is still heard today, and over the country ...
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