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Vinogradov George. Russian Romances

Vinogradov George. Russian Romances

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Voice of Vinogradov is a soft, high lyrical tenor. The voice and the manner of Vinogradov’s singing shows a musical aesthetics, characterical for the 1930’ies and 1940’ies. The singer has a very appealing way of performing Russian romances and elegies.

1. I want to praise the maiden's beauty (N. Rzhevskaya)
2. Shine, shine, my star (P Bulakhov)
3. You never loved me (D. Nikolaev)
4. Always and everywhere behind you (S. Gerdel)
5. Sweetheart (E. Waldteufel)
6. Black Eyes (F.Herman)
7. You, my guitar (D. Nisnevich)
8. Do not repeat (A. Dyubuk)
9. Chrysanthemums (N. Kharito)
10. The weeping willows slumber (B. Baron)
11. Give the sky to man (N.Titov)
12. No, not you so fervently (N.Titov)
13. Circassian song (I. Genishta)
14. Elegy (I. Genishta)
15. Alas, why it shines so (A. Alyabyev)
16. Circassian song (A. Alyabyev)
17. I loved you (A. Alyabyev)
18. Boring, and sad (A. Gurilyev)
19. I'm sad (M. Vielgorsky)
20. Gratitude (A.Varlamov)
21. Pretty eyes (P. Bulakhov)
22. I died from happiness (A. Dargomyzhsky)
23. How sweet her head (A. Dargomyzhsky)
24. Only I knew you (A. Dargomyzhsky)
25. The bright moon ascends (M. Balakirev)
26. Little blue eyes of Spring (P. Tchaikovsky)
27. In an invisible haze (S. Taneyev)

N. Kruchinin - guitar (1-10), G. Orentlikher - piano (11-28)
recorded in: 1939 (1-10), 1947 (11-28)
Catalogue N
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