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June 8 2022

Ruslania’s books raising interest in the media and the social media.

The news service in Russian language of the National Media of Finland, YLE, has released an article stating that a Finnish company, Ruslania, is distributing books with Russian propaganda. The article is based on a contact they received from a Ruslania’s customer unhappy with some books in the company’s offering.

The article was reposted on Pravda Ukraina and CivilMedia Macedonia.

After the article’s release, Ruslania is now amidst a torrent of one-star ratings on Google and a storm of negative comments and posts on Facebook and Instagram. People are critisizing our books selection and the fact that we are not removing from sales such books that they find offensive. The feedback and negative ratings are not real: they have not used the services of our company; thus, they cannot rate us.

These are people, who do not understand the Scandinavian principles: freedom, democracy, freedom of speech.

At Ruslania, we are guided by the principle made famous by the Swedish publisher Albert Bonnier: ”Publish, do not judge”. It is very important that we do not act as a censor. It’s the reader and the customer, who chooses what he wants to buy and read. The publisher is responsible for the content of their books.

The online discussion is carried out by people, who have not browsed through our selection more widely. If they would have done so, they would have understood, that we are a completely independent bookstore that lists books from both sides of the conflict. We serve both the Ukrainian and the Russian speaking minorities in Finland on a wide basis. We are also the importer that brings books from Ukraine and distributes them in Finland and other countries, including libraries in Europe and the USA.

We will keep importing and distributing books, music and periodicals from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Scandinavia and other countries. If a court decision comes to any of these materials, we will withdraw them, but for now we will not take action, because we consider that this would be censorship.

Andreas Agopov, CEO, Ruslania Books Corp.

Some of the books in discussion:

donbas v ogne

volja donbasa

donbasskij dnevnik

Kiev kaput




Putinin trollit

Venäjän vakoojaverkosto,

Vaiennettu: kuinka Venäjä murhasi agentti Litvinenkon

Меньше знаешь - крепче спишь

The less you know, the better you sleep

Putin's new Russia

Novaya Gazeta

Some of the authors whose books Ruslania was asked to remove:

Aleksandr Dugin

Zahar Prilepin

Fedor Dostoevskij

Some of the topic/genres of books Ruslania was asked to remove:

Russian propaganda

Russian propaganda literature

Russian chauvinistic literature

Russian xenophobic literature



Posti apologizes for the delay in the delivery of printed mail – a malfunction in the sorting machine at the Helsinki postal center has caused delays in the area


There is a disruption in Helsinki postal center’s technology related to the sorting of printed mail, i.e. letters and magazines. The disruption is limited to certain postal code areas in Helsinki. Most of the causes have been fixed, but some are still being corrected.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. This persistent disruption concerns deliveries that do not pass through our mechanical sorting system normally, but whose digital address information we need to verify before they are delivered to the recipients by our deliverers,” says Sami Reponen, Posti’s Director of Postal Services Production.

Local delays in other areas of the country

There have been local delays in the delivery of letters, magazines and advertisements elsewhere in the country in recent months, but the situation has improved. These delays were caused by several major changes in the delivery schedule and mail sorting technology.

Sami Reponen emphasizes that, with the changes made, Posti wants to ensure that mail gets delivered in the future, even though the volume of printed mail is decreasing dramatically.

“These difficulties related to the change are unfortunate for everyone, but once the changes are implemented, we will be able to deliver shipments to mail slots and boxes in the coming years as well. Finns value deliveries made directly to their homes alongside digital services.”

The decrease in the volume of printed mail is due to changes in customer needs. Since the volume of mail also varies according to the needs of the sender, it requires Posti to adopt different delivery models.

“We have made big, simultaneous changes to the delivery schedule of printed deliveries and in sorting technology prior to delivery. There were unexpected complications in the coordination of the changes being made, which unfortunately were visible to our customers as delays,” says Reponen.

These incidents do not affect newspapers or parcels delivered by Posti.

“The workforce shortage in newspaper deliveries has eased and we can deliver newspapers normally in the morning.The popularity of e-commerce and the volume of parcels have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that our Parcel Lockers can sometimes be full. In such cases, the parcels have to be directed to somewhere other than the nearest locker, which might be inconvenient to customers. Less than 5% of the e-commerce parcels we delivered last week were delivered more than half a kilometer from the original pickup location,” says Reponen.


March 14 2022

Ruslania appeared on Swedish television a few days ago


March 102022

It is still safe to order at Ruslania.

However, the current situation affect our operations in a number of ways. The publishing house Condé Nast has suspended all Russian publishing operations.

There will be no more Russian issues of Vogue, GQ, GQ Style, Tatler, Glamour and AD for a while.

The Russian air space is closed and the Finnish Post cannot deliver its cargo to Asia on the regular flights. That's why the high level of effectiveness in our Asian deliveries will be affected and lowered. Please be patient as the delivery times to Japan, China and other Asian countries will now be longer.

Your new orders are welcome. 



February 25 2022


It is safe to order at Ruslania. We hope that the current situation in Russia and Ukraine gets better.

Ruslania is located in Finland, in the European Union, and we have a large stock of books at our warehouse in Helsinki. 
At the moment, we have not faced any challenges in receiving books from Russia, and we do hope it continues the same way.
No problems with payments are expected in the future, as all transactions are made into our bank account in the European Union.

Your new orders are welcome. 




March 20 2021

Please place your order at Ruslania.com We send to all countries. All deliveries are sent from Finland. 

If you're in the European Union, no customs charges will apply. Finland is a favourable country for import from many countries.


March 24 2020

Ruslania's shop in Helsinki is now closed. Please place your order at Ruslania.com

Ruslania and Posti will do everything within its power to ensure that items are delivered as normal despite the unusual conditions caused by the coronavirus. Thus far, the coronavirus epidemic has not affected Posti’s services. All of Posti’s services in Finland are operating as normal.


Coronavirus update

In Finland we have recommendations to work from home, 
so some of us do it. Some of us are in the office as it is not prohibited. 

We are working during quarantine. We are receiving orders and dispatching them.
We use Finnish post and GLS delivery services. 
We are not planning any changes, but we are monitoring the situation, of course. 

We all are well.  
We hope you are well, too. 


Here is a new video of Ruslania.com for our international friends. 





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