1. CSR program
Sustainability programs and corporate citizenship declarations are a very welcome phenomenon. The bigger the company grows, the easier it is to forget about the effects it has on the environment.
Corporate citizenship CSR program of Ruslania Books Corp.
This is one of the key aspects of leaving a smaller footprint. Ruslania recycles all paper, plastic, glass, metal, batteries and cardboard. Also house hold wastes are sorted separately. More than 85 % of all cardboard packages that reach Ruslania will be used again and sent to our customers. In this manner we succeed in creating less waste and saving trees from being cut to create cardboard. Ruslania uses very little white copy paper compared to its peers. We use again all white paper, which is printed on one side - some times even twice. Special attention is paid to enhancing the efficiency of packaging and electronic tools are put to extensive use in both incoming product deliveries and outgoing order processing. We use mostly hand towels instead of tissue papers. In the kitchen the personnel never uses disposable dishes.
Less waste

We try not to buy over packaged goods. We import products from Russia so that they are first compiled in our warehouse in St. Petersburg, then transported in a van to Helsinki. In this manner, we can ask suppliers not to pack the goods as they would pack them for an international transport. The "less waste" idea also goes to shipments that we send to our customers. We try to pack carefully, but not wrap everything in plastic. Instead, we use brown paper that comes with books from Russia, and newspapers that are left unsold at the shop.


No drop shipping
Many companies engage in green washing. They explain how the carbon footprint has been credited, but ship orders in several shipments from different warehouses. There is really a lot of air and disinformation in the current discussion on responsibility. Ruslania doesn't do drop shipping. When you order from us, you will receive the products from our warehouse, packed and transported as efficiently as possible. We do not divide your order into several deliveries without weighty reasons.

Multiple deliveries on a single order when delivering individual books packed in cardboard and plastic is really stressful for nature. We strive to save on packaging materials, to recycle and to make logistics as environmentally friendly as possible.


Less pollution
All the books that we buy from our suppliers in Helsinki, we pick up with our own transit: bike or walking. Many of our key suppliers are situated in the Greater Helsinki Area, and we are able to pick up many products without using any combustion motor vehicle.

Our import deliveries from Russia are always brought in fully and optimally packed vans. This saves petrol and creates less pollution.

In our premises in Helsinki, we rent only one parking lot for a car. We encourage our staff to walk, drive by bike, run or use public transit. Our locations have always been chosen so that it's easy to come by bus, tram, train or metro. Our work place also has possibilities to wash up after sports or bike drive to work.
Taking care of personnel

The company participates in the staff members' spending on sport. All employees can attend self development courses, mainly to improve their language skills, and the company pays for the courses. All employees are always welcome to give their ideas and to say their opinions out loud.

The management of the company has promised to be there if a member of the staff asks any help with issues either in work or in private life.
Every time there is someone's birthday or some other special occasion, there is cake, coffee and discussion.