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Library services, booksellers & subscription agents - RUSLANIA
Ruslania offers all its products to bookshops and other distributors all around the World.
Please ask for our newest Excel spread sheet price lists / catalogues.
Give us a call at +358 9 27270717 or send an e-mail at ruslania@ruslania.com 

All orders are sent very promptly from our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

My name is Andreas Agopov and I am the CEO of a Helsinki based bookstore Ruslania.com.

Ruslania specializes in whole sales and distribution of Russian books, Russian magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Russian music, Russian DVDs, Russian text books, Estonian books and Finnish books, as well as collected editions of Russian music.
For a better understanding, please let me shortly explain what kind of services the Ruslania provides to resellers.

The benefits of working with Ruslania come from the time that the resellers save, when using Ruslania’s services. Instead of spending hours searching for books in the Russian market, resellers receive a comprehensive database of editions that meet the needs and expectations of the resellers' customers.

Our skilled cataloguers access an immense variety of sources and compile broad catalogues of editions. Ruslania offers an accessible online search system and a comprehensive database.

Our databases are available for our library customers free of charge for reviewing promotional data like descriptions, for doing collection development work, for selecting, ordering and many other library technical functions.

All of our services provided to retailers, distributors and customers are commercially available. We maintain a fairly reasonable price level by constantly improving our processes and making our organization as efficient as possible.

If you are a distributor, a bookshop, a sheet music retailer, a party that would be interested in beginning to distribute Ruslania’s products to your customers, please ask for our special terms for resellers.

We would be glad to send you all information regarding our services which could be of interest for you, including information about our general terms and conditions (like payment terms, trade discount, shipping costs etc.).

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Agopov

Direct tel. +358 9 27270717

Email ruslania@ruslania.com