1. Terms of subscriptions

The following policy applies to subscriptions placed to periodicals on the site of Ruslania Books Corp. (hereinafter referred to as Ruslania) in the Internet:

1. General subscription policy

1.1 Subscriptions are accepted on Ruslania’s site only for periodicals and other editions which appear in the Russian Federation and in the former CIS territory, and in Finland. A client is obliged to follow this policy of subscripion in Finland and abroad, valid at the time of placing a subscription order. Prior to placing his order, the client shall acquaint himself with the policy and accept it. Ruslania retains the right to amend the rules of delivery without prior notice.

2. Ordering

2.1 Subscriptions to a periodical are accepted only from a registered client. The periodical shall be shipped/mailed to the address indicated by the Client in his subscription order, whereby he is liable for the accuracy of the address. Ruslania shall not be liable for a misdelivery, should a misdelivery result from the inaccuracy of address. The consignee may not necessarily be the payer.

2.2 As a rule, shipment starts from the first day of the month following the subscription order or first possible issue. Ruslania sends an acknowledgement of the beginning of the shipment of the periodical. Should the Client have special wishes, he may state them in item 4 ”Special wishes” in the ordering process.

3. Amendments (changes)

3.1 In any and all matters related to the subscription (i.e. changes of name subscriber/consignee or address of delivery), the Client should contact Ruslania, and not, for example, the publisher or the agent of the periodical. Any changes of address should be notified as soon as possible. The change may not become valid from the first forthcoming issue, following the notice of the change. Ruslania confirms (sends an acknowledgement) the receipt of all changes of address.

4. Prices

4.1 Subscriptions are accepted by Ruslania only for a fixed period of time; the minimum invoicing period is one month. Should a periodical appear less than 12 times a year, the subscription order shall be placed on any term possible in this case. If a periodical appears e.g. four times a year, the subscription can be placed for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Possible subscriptions terms are shown on our site in the Internet.

4.2 The prices of a periodical to be shipped outside Finland (as subscribed to via Ruslania) shall depend on the shipping address. As a rule, a periodical shipped overseas is more expensive than one shipped to Finland. We retain the right to alter the prices in case of alterations made by the publisher or fluctuation of currency rates. This however does not apply to subscriptions already placed.

5. Payment of subscription

5.1 A private person shall pay for his subscription via the Internet by using the electronic banking services via the Paytrail service or a credit card via the Stripe service. A corporate client may be invoiced. In case of a non-EU client, Ruslania retains the right to request an advance payment (we will not ship the first issue until your funds clear).

5.2 Should the invoicing address differ from the shipping address, the Client shall notify us of this at ”Special wishes” (see Ordering, step 4).

5.3 Should a private person residing in Finland not have access to e-banking services, he may request our subscription department to send him an invoice. In the event of overdue payment or other payment default and if no agreement has been reached with the client service, Ruslania shall retain the right not to handle new orders until the payments have been settled.

5.4 If the Client is invoiced, the term of payment shall be fourteen (14) days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed between the Client and the Company. Overdue payment is charged at the rate of 11% p.a. (as per law) and an additional fee of EUR 5,0 will be added to the total of the invoice in the second overdue reminder. Should the Client not respond to the second reminder, the delivery of the periodicals shall be suspended and the price of the issued already mailed shall be charged from the Client. If invoiced, an overseas client shall also pay the banking expenses.

6. Missing issues claim and enquiries

6.1 All enquiries and reminders concerning subscription shall be addressed to periodicals@ruslania.com. Missing issues should be claimed as soon as possible, not later than by the time of arrival of the following issue. If possible, Ruslania will inform the subscribers about delay of arrival of issues.

6.2 Should a periodical not appear as result of a technical flaw or similar default, the non-published or non-delivered issues shall be compensated by prolonging the subscription of the Client by the corresponding number of issues. Ruslania shall not be responsible for damage (direct or indirect) resulting from a technical flaw in the shipped issue or a delay in the delivery of any issue.

7. Cancellation

Due to the fact that the periodicals are of non-Finnish origin, normal cancellation rules do not apply to subscription to periodicals through Ruslania. A mid-term cancellation of a subscription is not allowable unless an agreement with the publisher has been reached. If the publisher accepts the cancellation and refunds Ruslania with the non-covered term of payment of number, the Client may instead subscribe to another edition (periodical) or some other items on sale at Ruslania. Any queries concerning cancellation shall be addressed to: periodicals@ruslania.com.

8. Waiver

Ruslania assumes no liability whatsoever for the content or presentation of any material or resource in the periodical, as well as for change of number of pages, apperance or frequency of appearance. Should a periodical terminate its publication in the middle of the subscription term, Ruslania shall primarily offer the Client another periodical or any other items on sale in the Ruslania bookshop for the amount of money paid for the periodical.

9. Force majeure

Ruslania shall not assume liability for non-delivery of issues, if caused by force majeure conditions (acts of God, calamities, strikes, terrorist acts, sabotage, export or import prohibition, acts of government officials etc., which have significantly jeopardized the operations of Ruslanian or its partners). The Client will be immediately notified on the entry of such conditions into force.

10. Settlement of disputes

Disputes and conflicts concerning subscription and its conditions between Ruslania and its Clients shall be settled primarily by amicable negotiations. If a settlement cannot be reached, the disputed may be appeled to the Helsinki Disctrict Court of Justice. The settlement shall be governed by Finnish law.
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