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Ruslania has started co-operation with it's former neighbor Voima Gold!


Voima - Gold-backed banking



Seven reasons to open a Voima account



• Savings account that holds pure gold

• Measured in milligrams

• Highly secure storage in Finland


Fill in the form to open a Voima account

The opening of a Voima Account is free-of-charge.


Contact information

Email: contact@voimagold.com 
Telephone: +358 (0) 9612 1917 (English/Finnish).


*Your wealth secured

Do you want to own your own money or just a promissory note? The answer may be obvious, but despite this, many are unaware that most savers actually only own a bond to the bank. For entrepreneurs, this may be clearer when it can be seen from a company’s financial statements that the company’s assets are in a bank account under the heading “bank receivables”.


This means that the account assets are not legally owned by the saver or the company: the bank onwards the assets and holds only a fraction of them in accordance with the collateral requirements. Accounts often have deposit protection, but there is also a limit of € 100,000.

Instead, the Voima Gold’s customers are the legal owners of their gold savings.

Unlike money on a traditional bank account, the gold on your Voima Account is fully yours. You can exchange it for euros online at any time or withdraw it from Voima's vault at a moment's notice.

*Stability for thousands of years

Gold has an excellent track record as a store of value. It is universally accepted, and it brings long-term stability.

*Fully insured

The gold in Voima's vault is fully insured by Liberty Mutual—an established international insurer of precious metals and valuables.

*Independent verifications
The gold in Voima’s vault is regularly audited by ALS Inspection UK Ltd. and PwC: one checks that it is pure and the other that it is really there.

*Vaulted in Helsinki

Finland is one of the safest and least corrupt countries globally, with top-rank education and high-tech infrastructure. The Finnish individual property rights are also among the most favorable in the world.

Voima provides full transparency on pricing, and opening a Voima Account is completely free.

Open a Voima Account


The Finnish company Voima Gold Oy was founded in 2017 by Marko Viinikka.

The history of Voima

Finland is one of the safest and least corrupt countries globally, with top-rank education and high-tech infrastructure. The Finnish individual property rights are also among the most favorable in the world.



Transfer currencies into and out of your account.

Voima accepts regular bank transfers. All currencies accepted by the Finnish bank OP-pankki are also accepted by Voima, but they will be converted to euros when received.


Exchange euros for gold—or the other way around.

With a Voima Account, you do not have to choose between euros or gold. You decide what to hold, what to exchange and when to do it.


Nordic quality

Voima has a strong in-house team of experts focusing on IT and security to deliver robust, reliable and secure systems.


Download the Voima app today.

It's the easiest way to become a Customer. Get a Voima Account and start securing your wealth.

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Physical access
Voima's office
Bulevardi 5
00120 Helsinki

Location on map

Withdrawing gold from your account

You can withdraw bars of 100 g and 1 kg. Please book an appointment and bring your ID with you.


Book an appointment


09:00–17:00 Helsinki time

Annual Report 2021

Our annual report of 2021 shows strong growth in terms of revenue, Customers and assets under management.

Download report (pdf)

Can I afford it?


Anyone can start saving with us—and you decide for how much, whether it’s a kilo or a gram! Opening a Voima Account is free, and the fees are based only on the amount of gold you hold.


Account fees
Opening an account          Free
Euro custody fee    Free
Safe account fee 0,99%
Yearly rate, calculated on a daily basis and charged monthly in milligrams of gold, VAT included.


Exchange fees

Exchange euros for gold          1.99%


Exchange gold for euros          1.99%


Additional fee for orders by phone or email: 10 EUR

Does not apply to ordering through the Voima app.

Check out the full pricing list of Voima