Why choose Ruslania


1. High standards of customer service

We have customer service via email and phone as well as whatsapp and social media that is way better than of any ordinary webstore. We are willing to answer inquiries, look for rare and old Russian books and provide customers with information. We deal with partial payments, orders via email, discounts, replacements, deliveries without prepayment for libraries and resellers etc., none of those are usually available via other webstores, that offer Russian books, sheet music and magazine subscriptions. Many of our customers are with us for many years and know they can count on us.


2. Close connections with Russia

We have good connections with Russia, and so can send Russian books within reasonable time. But, we send them from Finland and that gives us an advantage with the customs (deliveries from Russia have been not very fast for the past years, and have almost halted due to covid) and delivery time. We also store most popular books and learning materials here in our Helsinki office, and can send them straight away after we have received the order.


3. A comprehensive data base of Russian books

We have a very vast database of books (and sheetmusic books) published in Russia, and get them from very many publishers.


4. A webstore with user-friendly interface in several languages

We have a convenient system of ordering via webstore with personal discounts etc.


5. Customer-oriented variety of payment methods

You can pay by many means of payment, and can be always sure that your payment is safe.


6. Professionals working here!

We have qualified personnel that speaks many languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Finnish and Russian.


7. No worries about customs inside the European Union

If you're in the European Union, there will be no questions about customs as we're in the same "home market" and there is free movement of goods inside the EU. That is a short list and not full in any way, but I hope it gives you a general idea.