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22 septiembre 2023

Nuevo libro de texto "Tochka ru" В1.2

A mediados de septiembre se publicó un nuevo curso de ruso para extranjeros "Tochka ru" B1 (Parte 2) y ya lo

hemos recibido en Helsinki. El libro de texto ya está disponible en nuestro almacén.

Date prisa y pide tu ejemplar: ¡se está vendiendo como rosquillas! 


"Tochka Ru" es un curso de ruso para jóvenes (mayores de 16 años) y adultos. Consta de un libro de texto y un

cuaderno de ejercicios. El curso ofrece un equilibrio perfecto entre vocabulario, gramática y conversación en ruso



Enlace al curso




It is safe to order at Ruslania. We hope that the current situation in Russia and Ukraine gets better.

Ruslania is located in Finland, in the European Union, and we have a large stock of books at our warehouse in Helsinki. 
At the moment, we have not faced any challenges in receiving books from Russia, and we do hope it continues the same way.
No problems with payments are expected in the future, as all transactions are made into our bank account in the European Union.

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Coronavirus update

In Finland we have recommendations to work from home, 
so some of us do it. Some of us are in the office as it is not prohibited. 

We are working during quarantine. We are receiving orders and dispatching them.
Our store is open, too. 
We use Finnish post and GLS delivery services. 
We are not planning any changes, but we are looking for the situation, of course. 

We all are well.  
We hope you are well, too. 



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