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Eliel Saarinen: Projects 1896-1923
Eliel Saarinen: Projects 1896-1923

Eliel Saarinen: Projects 1896-1923

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Tuote poistunut valikoimasta.
Eliel and Eero Saarinen occupy a unique position in the history of modem design. From Helsinki's famous railroad station to the Cranbrook Academy to the CBS Headquarters their work spans two continents and eight decades and has had a major influence on twentieth-century architecture and city planning. Eliel Saarinen: Projects stands alone in its treatment of the elder Saarinen's Finnish work in terms both of scholarship and production. Saarinen's ability to present his plans in expressive drawings was his trademark. Often considered independent works of art, 200 of these drawings are reproduced here in full color and augmented by 900 black and white illustrations in an unusually fine example of architectural bookmaking.

Saarinen's Finnish years represent the laboratory within which he developed the skills and the concepts to advance an aesthetic of modem design responsive to international trends yet steeped in regional expression. Eliel Saarinen: Projects follows every permutation of the architect's career from the Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 Paris World's Fair, which brought Saarinen and his partners to the forefront of the international scene, to his design of stamps and banknotes, his large city planning projects, and his successful competition for the Chicago Tribune office building, which in 1923 prompted Saarinen's move to the United States.

Marika Hausen provides a biography of Saarinen and a critical assessment of his handling of interiors and details, his execution of drawings, his use of stone and wood, and his design of building types ranging from country house to urban projects, followed by commentaries on the most important individual projects, including the famous studio/home of Hvitträsk. Kirmo Mikkola discusses Saarinen's work in town planning, documenting 30 of his most important projects. Tytti Valto writes about Saarinen's partnership with Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren, covering some 210 architectural and town planning projects produced by the firm. And Anna-Lisa Amberg describes and catalogs Saarinen's arts and crafts and industrial design projects.

Eliel Saarinen: Projects has been in preparation for almost a decade. Research was sponsored by the Kone Foundation. A publication of the Museum of Finnish Architecture.
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