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Dmitri Hvorostovsky collection. Vol. 15. Arias from operas of Tchaikovsky and Verdi

Dmitri Hvorostovsky collection. Vol. 15. Arias from operas of Tchaikovsky and Verdi

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Eleven opera arias of two beloved composers P.I. Tchaikovsky and J. Verdi were performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky, star of the opera of the first magnitude. Together with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Valery Gergiev, Dmitry Hvorostovsky, with his inherent brilliance, ease, and sensibility, performed the arias from his favorite operas by P.I. Tchaikovsky and J. Verdi.
The collector's edition of Dmitry Hvorostovsky was released in a limited edition in a special embossed silver, designer packaging.
1. You wrote to me ... When would life be (Scene and aria of Onegin, act 1 from the opera "Eugene Onegin")
2. Really that same Tatyana ... Alas, there is no doubt (Scene and aria of Onegin, act 3 from the opera "Eugene Onegin")
3. You are so sad ... I love you, I love immeasurably (Scene and Eletsky's aria, act 2 from the opera The Queen of Spades)
4. Di Provenza Il Mar (Aria of Germont, Act 2 from the opera La Traviata)
5. Perfidi! ... Pieto, Rispetto (Scene and Macbeth’s Aria, Act 4 from the opera Macbeth)
6. Sakra La Skelta (Miller’s Aria from the opera Louise Miller)
7. Cases, reign ... And the image of that handler (Scene and arioso of Prince Kurlyatev, act 2 from the opera The Enchantress)
8. Who can compare with my Matilda (Scene and aria Robertaiz from the opera "Iolanthe")
9. Oh Mary, Mary! (Ariozi Mazepa, Act 3 from the opera Mazepa)
10. Tutto E Deserto - Il Balen Del Suo Sorriso (Scene and aria of Count di Luna from the opera Troubadour)
11. Son Io, Mio Carlo - Per Me Giunto, O Carlo, Ascolta (Scene and aria di Posa from the opera Don Carlos)
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