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Soittorasia Pyhän Vasilin katedraali (Art. 780)

Soittorasia Pyhän Vasilin katedraali (Art. 780)

Tuote poistunut valikoimasta.
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korkeus on 18 cm,
halkaisija 15 cm.
Väri ja kuva saattaa vaihtua

This musical Russian souvenir not only depicts the famous Moscow Cathedral of St. Basil, it also plays the melody of the song "Moscow Nights."
At the bottom there is a key in the form of a wooden circle, it is screwed into the winding mechanism, it also serves as the base on which the box stands. After starting the spring, it turns the musical drum. In addition, the circle itself and the box plays and rotates like a carousel!
The Musical Cathedral is an amazing gift that combines the charm of a music box and the symbolism of an Orthodox church with the beauty of traditional Russian painting and the accuracy of wooden carving. A wonderful souvenir that can give a cozy atmosphere to a strict work office, decorate a coffee table in the room and blend in harmoniously with both the interior of a city apartment and the romantic style of a country residence.
The music box in the form of a cathedral will be a good souvenir for Christmas, Easter and other Orthodox holidays, due to the colorful mural and simple melody, children will love it, and easily recognizable contours of famous Russian monuments of architecture and famous mural styles will make the musical cathedral layout the favorite toy of any foreigner.
The souvenir itself is handmade, painted with tempera and gouache paints and coated with glossy varnish. The lower part is painted in the style of Khokhloma.
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