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Violinist's music folder No. 1. Elementary school (+ CD)

Violinist's music folder No. 1. Elementary school (+ CD)

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We are happy to present the Music Folders from the "Golden Library of the Pedagogical Repertoire".

For your convenience, the music material is classified by genre and level of difficulty. Each folder contains works of a certain genre. For example: etudes, polyphonic and other pieces, large-scale forms, ensembles, etc.

By the number of the Music folder, you can determine the difficulty level of the repertoire. For example: Pianist's music folder No. 1 is intended for the initial stage of training, and Nos. 2 and 3 contain a repertoire of medium complexity. The repertoire of the Pianist's Music Folders No. 4 and 5 is intended only for advanced students, and the sixth and seventh folders expand the presentation of teachers and students about the piano repertoire of various complexity of Russian composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The repertoire of the Music folders fully meets the requirements of the first stage of musical education, and the compositions from this repertoire will accompany the student throughout all his life, regardless of whether they choose the path of a professional musician.

The volumes of the "Golden Library of the Pedagogical Repertoire" are compiled and edited by the professors of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

Including 4 books and a CD with piano accompaniment. Accompaniment on CD - without violin part.

1. Exercises and scales
2. Etudes
3. Pieces and ensembles
4. Concertos

Exercises and scales
Brief Instructions in basic violin techniques

1. The left hand training
2. The bowingand left hand training
3. Intervals
4. Detache
5. Bow distribution
6. Change of string
7. Legato
8. Martele and abrupt strokes
9. Values
10. Positions and transitions
11. Double stops
12. Dexterity training

Scales and arpeggios

According to K.Rodionov

According to A.Griegoryan Semitone system by J.Joachim - O.Shevchik


N. Baklanova
Ch. Beriot
F. Wohlfahrt
G. Hammel
M. Garlitsky
E. Gnesina-Vitachek
Ch. Dancla
G. Dulov
T. Zaharyina
G. Kaiser
A. Komarovsky
R. Kreutzer
F. Mazas
L. Massart
K. Mostras
K. Rodionov
O. Shevchik
A. Yanshinov

Pieces and ensembles

N. Baklanova. Sonatine
N. Baklanova. Concertino
N. Baklanova. Romance
L. van Beethoven. Marmot
L, van Beethoven. Contredanse
L. van Beethoven. Sonatine
K. Bom. Perpetuum mobile
J. Brahms. Folk-Song
J. Brahms. Lullaby
K. M. von Weber.
Invitation to Dance
K. M. von Weber. Hanters' Chorus from the opera "Freischutz"
A. Vivaldi. Courante
A. Vivaldi. Capriccio
A. Vivaldi. Siciliano from the violin concerto "II ritiro"
J. Haydn. Song
G. F. Handel Allegro
G. F. Handel. Solemn Song
G. F. Handel. Aria
A. Glazunov. Sonatine
E. Jankinson. Dance
D. Kabalevsky. Little Polka
D. Kabalevsky. Clowns
A. Komarovsky. Little Song
A. Corelli. Sonate Nr. 10
F. Couperin. Gavotte
J.-B. Lully. Menuet
M. Magidenko. Cockerel
G. Mari. Old-Style Aria
N. Metlov. Spider and Flies
Bunny Walks in the garden. Russian Folk-Song
Allegretto W. A. Mozart
W. A. Mozart. Come, Lovely May
Adagio W. A. Mozart.
Little Quail. Belorussian Folk-Song
H. Purcell. March
H. Purcell. Bourree
H. Purcell. Bagpipe
S. Prokofiev. March
J. Ph. Rameau. Rigaudon
V. Rebikov. Little Sparrow
G. Rossini. Chorus of the Swiss from the opera "Wiihelm Tell"
Natan Rubinstein.Spinning-Wheell
P. Tchaikovsky. Neapolitan Song
P.Tchaikovsky. Lullaby in the Storm
Schostakovitsch. Gavotte
F. Schubert. Waltz
F. Schubert. Landler
F. Schubert. Ecossaise
R. Schumann. March
R. Schumann. Little Piece
Pieces for two and three violins


A. Vivaldi. Konzert a-moll, Op.3, Nr. 6
A. Vivaldi. Concerto G-dur Part I
F. Seitz. Concerto G-dur. Op. 13
O. Riding. Concerto h-moll. Op. 35
O. Riding. Concerto G-dur. Op. 34. Part I
A. Yanshinov. Concertino in Russian Style. Op. 33
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