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The music folder for piano players No. 1. Music school 1-3 forms. (+ 2 CD)

The music folder for piano players No. 1. Music school 1-3 forms. (+ 2 CD)

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We are happy to present the Music Folders from the "Golden Library of the Pedagogical Repertoire".

For your convenience, the music material is classified by genre and level of difficulty. Each folder contains works of a certain genre. For example: etudes, polyphonic and other pieces, large-scale forms, ensembles, etc.

By the number of the Music folder, you can determine the difficulty level of the repertoire. For example: Pianist's music folder No. 1 is intended for the initial stage of training, and Nos. 2 and 3 contain a repertoire of medium complexity. The repertoire of the Pianist's Music Folders No. 4 and 5 is intended only for advanced students, and the sixth and seventh folders expand the presentation of teachers and students about the piano repertoire of various complexity of Russian composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. The repertoire of the Music folders fully meets the requirements of the first stage of musical education, and the compositions from this repertoire will accompany the student throughout all his life, regardless of whether they choose the path of a professional musician.

The volumes of the "Golden Library of the Pedagogical Repertoire" are compiled and edited by the professors of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.



Thanks to the included CDs, young performers have an opportunity to get acquainted with the music they will have to learn.

Book No. 1

L.Shitte Etude Do major
L. Shitte Etude C-Dur
L. Shitte Etude C-Dur
A. Sarauer Etude C-Dur
A. Nikolajev Etude C-Dur
A. Gedicke Etude C-Dur
A. Gedicke Etude G-Dur
L. Shitte Etude C-Dur
L. Shitte Etude G-Dur
F. Burgmuller Arabesque (Etude)
F. Lekuppe Etude a-Moll
C. Czerny Etude D-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude a-Moll
G. Duvernois Etude C-Dur
C. Czerny Etude A-Dur
T. Lack Etude C-Dur
A. Löeschhorn Etude B-Dur
A. Bertini Etude c-Moll
C. Czerny Etude C-Dur
C. Czerny Etude C-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude F-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude D-Dur
F. Burgmuller Anxiety (Etude)
C. Czerny Etude G-Dur
C. Czerny Etude C-Dur
C. Czerny Etude D-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude C-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude G-Dur
L. Shitte Etude a-Moll
G. Duvernois Etude A-Dur
F. Burgmuller Farewell (Etude)
T. Lack Etude D-Dur
T. Lack Etude a-Moll
A. Lemoine Etude G-Dur
C. Czerny Etude G-Dur
C. Czerny Etude C-Dur
C. Czerny Etude Es-Dur
C. Czerny Etude F-Dur
A. Loschhorn Etude B-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude e-Moll
C. Czerny Etude D-Dur
F. Burgmuller Return (Etude)
C. Czerny Etude C-Dur
A. Lemoine Etude Es-Dur

Book 2

Processings of Russian national songs:
Dark night
Linden in the field
I. Haßler Preludie g-Moll
J. S. Bach Bagpipe
J. S. Pachelbel Sarabande
A. Freyer Prelude
G. F. Handel Sarabande
J.S. Bach Menuet d-Moll
J. S. Bach Menuet G-Dur
J. S. Bach Menuet g-Moll
G. F. Handel Chaconne
G. Arman Fughetta
W. F. Bach Minuet
G. Muffat Arie
I. Krieger Bouree
J. S. Bach Little Preludu C-Dur
W. F. Bach Allegro
S. Ljapunov Piece
D. G. Turk Sad mood
D. G. Turk Gently melody
A. Gedicke Invention
D. Buxtehude Sarabande
C. Ph. E. Bach Minuet f-Moll
S. Pavljuchenko Fughetta
A. Corelli Sarabande
I. Benda Minuet
J. S. Bach Little prelude g-Moll
F. Blandgini Arietta
G. F. Handel Two arias
S. Maikapar Canon
L. Mozart Burlesque and aria
D. Zipoli Fughetta
S. Maikapar Prelude and Fughetta

Book 3

W. Dunkomb Sonatina
D. G. Turk Sonatina
D. Scarlatti Sonata (Aria)
L. van Beethoven Sonatina G-Dur
A. Andre Sonatina a-Moll
M. Clementi Sonatina C-Dur, part 1
I. Wanhall Sonatina
I. Pleyel - A. Andre Rondo
A. Lavignac Sonatina, part 1.
D. Cimarosa Sonata d-Moll
D. Cimarosa Sonata g-Moll
G. B. Martini Aria with variations
G. Schmidt Sonatina, parts 1 and 3
A. Gedicke Sonatina
E. Melartin Sonatina
F. Dussek Sonatine, parts 1 and 3
A. Andre Sonatina F-Dur, part 1
L. Mozart Sonatina C-Dur
K. Reinecke Little sonatina
R. Glier Rondo
J. Haydn Sonata G-Dur, part 1
F. Couperin Rondo
M. Clementi Sonatina G-Dur, part 1
F. Kuhlau Variations
W. A. Mozart Variations
A. Diabelli Sonatina G-Dur
L. van Beethoven Sonatina F-Dur, part 1
F. Kuhlau Sonatina C-Dur, part 1
A. Diabelli Sonatina G-Dur

Book 4

M. Krasev On ice
E. Gnessina Etude
“Veselye gusi” Russian folk song
“Vo sadu li, v ogorode” Russian folk song
M. Starokadomsky Merry travelers
Russian folk song “Cow”
A. Nikolaev Etude
A. Ostrowsky Tired toys sleep
M. Krutitsky Winter
D. G. Turk Merry Gans
G. Weckerlin City hours
B. Bartok Piece
Ukrainian folk song
The Polish national song Wisla
D. Kabalevsky Little Polka
N. Rimsky-Korsakov Hi Winter
Ukrainian folk song
E. Gnessina Etude
T. Saljutrinskaja Willow
I. Philipp Lullaby
A. Rubbah Sparrow
F. Gunten Etude
D. Kabalevsky Scherzo
G. Berens Etude
G. Arman Piece
D. G. Turk Small ballet
J. Saint- Luke Bourée
D. G. Turk Arioso
C. Czerny Etude
Ancient French song
A. Gedicke Etude
I. Krieger Menuett
E. Melartin Song
A. Corelli Sarabande
T. Khrennikov Lullaby
I. Berkovch Two Etudes
A. Shnitke Folk tune
I. Iordan Hunting for the butterfly
I. Hummel The easy piece
M. Glinka Polka
G. A. K. Seixas Minuet
W. A. Mozart Minuet
A. Grechaninov In separation
S. Shevchenko Song over Dnepr
L. van Beethoven German dance
J. Haydn German dance
G. Fried Sadly
Ch. Dieupart Minuet
E. Siegmeister Cowboy's song
L. Mozart Bouree
G. Telemann Allegretto
W. A. Mozart Andante
B. Dwarionas Prelude
S. Maikapar In a garden
W. A. Mozart Allegro
D. Steibelt Adagio
L. Kozeluh Andante
G. Sviridov The tender request
G. Sviridov Lullaby a song
O. Kozlovsky Contrdance
S. Maikapar The small commander
L. Koller Tyrolean song
A. Grechaninov My horsy
D. Kabalevsky Clowns
I. Stravinsky Andantino
A. Gedicke Dance
A. Gedicke Moths
E. Siegmeister Spiritual
V. Gavrilin Capriccio
J. Haydn Minuet
A. Khachaturjan Andantino
L. v. Beethoven Six eccosaises
D. Schostakovich Merry fairy
A. Grechaninov Sketch
Ju. Polunin Small Waltz
W. Rebikov Children round a fur-tree
W. Rebikov Doll in a sundress
S. Maikapar The herdboy
N. Mjaskovsky Dance
D. Schostakovich Street organ
D. Schostakovitsch Gavotte
A.Grechaninov Waltz
F. Schubert Waltz
Bin Kaneda Very long time ago
L. van Beethoven Cheerfully-sadly
A. Gedicke Waltz
G. Pakhulsky Dreams

Book 5

W. A. Mozart Seven plays from a music book 8-year-old Mozart's
R. Schumann Seven pieces from the Album for youth
Soldier's march
The cheerful peasant
The courageous equestrian P
The first loss
The Sicilian song
The hunting song
E.Grieg Six pieces from a cycle Lyrical pieces
Leaf from an album
Folk song
Dance of the Elfen”s
Song of the watchman
P. Chaikovsky Nine pieces from the Children's album
Moning prayer
March of wooden soldiers
Illness of a doll
New doll
The Italian song
Ancient French song
German song
Russian song
In church
S. Prokofiev Five plays from a cycle Children's music
Procession of grasshoppers
Rain and rainbow
Fairy tale
Book 6

F. Schubert The Swiss song
L. Mozart Song
V. Rebikov The boat on the sea floats
J. S. Bach Song
S. Maykapar The first steps
A. Guriliev Small house-bittock
M. Starokadomsky Cheerful travelers
L. van Beethoven Caution
M. Ravel Pavane of the sleeping beauty
S. Prokofiev Fragment (fragment) from a symphonic fairy tale Petja and the Wolf
A. Diabelli Romance from Sonatina
L. van Beethoven Three German dances
A. Rubinstein Melody
N. Rimski-Korssakow Fragment from an Opera the Fairy tale on tsar Saltan
W. A. Mozart Three dances
L. van Beethoven March from music to the play the Athenian ruins
A. Arensky Fairy tale
I. Brahms Waltz
W. A. Mozart Aria Don Giovanni from an opera Don Giovanni
F. Schubert Serenade
M. Glinka March of Chernomor from an opera of Ruslan and Lyudmila
N. Bogoslovsky Game with a kitten
F. Schubert Three waltzes
A. Khachaturian Dance of girls from the " Gajaneh"
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