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Proekt Baltija / Project Baltia

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PROJECT BALTIA is a professional journal covering architecture, urban planning, and design in North-West Russia, Finland, and the Baltic states. The journal is published in St Petersburg.
PROJECT BALTIA is an international and regional publication. The editors select the best works by architects and designers, as well as texts by the most influential architecture critics from the five countries of the Baltic region, ensuring that the quality of material published is consistently high. Our regional focus makes it possible to avoid both the narrowness of coverage that is characteristic of local media and the repetition of projects and names that is often found in the global press.
It is clear that in the modern world state borders are by no means always more important than the economic, cultural, and climatic links between countries. Architecture is a form of activity in which politics is only one of a number of factors. For this reason, exchange of knowledge and experience within a region is one of the most important instruments for attaining success in a particular profession.
PROJECT BALTIA offers its audience orientation in theoretical as well as practical matters. In addition to high-quality visual material that can provide valuable support during design work, we also publish theoretical concepts, ideas, and opinions to help professionals understand the latest tendencies in architecture and design and comprehend where these tendencies have sprung from. With contributions by some of the best architecture critics and theorists in Europe and Russia, PROJECT BALTIA is able to inform, educate, and provide high-quality critiques at the same time.
PROJECT BALTIA plays an active role in the public life of the region, organizing regular exhibitions, seminars, and lectures on architecture and design. These events are held in St Petersburg, other Russian cities, and in cities in Finland and the Baltic states.
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