1. Questions
Can I browse the catalogue of the webstore without registration?
You are able to do this, but without registration you can't place an order. The prices of goods and dispatch will not necessarily correspond to your region. For the customers from the EU countries the prices contain the value added tax, and for the customers from other countries the prices are displayed without value added tax.
Why can I not subscribe myself if I have entered the e-mail address and password?
Probably because you have not registered yourself yet as a new customer. In this case you should register yourself. If you have already registered, but the message "the user's name or the password are wrong" appears, the e-mail address or the password were entered incorrectly.
Can one pay with the credit card of another person (the husband, the wife, a friend etc.)?
Unfortunately, one is not allowed to do this because the customer the owner of the credit card should be the one and same person. If you want to pay with the credit card of another person, register this person and carry out the order under the name of the card owner.
How secure is credit card treatment with Ruslania?
Ruslania carries out no credit card treatment and has no access to credit cards of it's customers. If the customer pays the purchase with a credit card, the customer is passed on after the order on to the web page of the credit card organisation which processes the payments. Ruslania uses a Finnish company called Paytrail. After processing the card the system will inform whether payment transfer was successful. Then the customer of Ruslania can make further purchases or finish the process.
Why is the credit card not accepted, although the credit card is valid and the account balance is in order?
Probably because your card is not admitted for shopping on the Internet. Ask for it at your bank. If everything is in order and the payment transfer, nevertheless, is not successful, inform us of this please.
Why is the credit card not accepted, I trayed to pay with MasterCard but it asks something about 3D payments secure...?
There are different layers of security with credit cards and a credit card payment can be linked with a SMS sent to a telephone or with bank codes, where the credit card payment requires authentication trough internet banking. If your credit card payment does not go through, you can contact your bank or contact us directly.
Can another person have access to my orders?
No, it is not possible if you have not entrusted your password to anybody. If somebody knows your e-mail and your password, he can see your “My Ruslania” account information.
How often are orders and queries accepted?
On workdays all the time. The orders which are concluded on Saturdays or on Sundays are processed on Mondays.
What does the size of the dispatch fee depend on?
Under the rules of the Finnish post the dispatch fee is dependent on the weight and the thickness of the delivery. If the weight is more than 1 kg, or the thickness of the parcel exceeds 3 cm, the dispatch costs 5 euros, if not – 2,90 euros. The other dispatch fees which you are found out with the order are valid for the customers who live beyond Finland.
Is the express delivery option by a courier service? What is the priority option? I presume that the economy option is airmail?
Express delivery is an option which is operated by the Finnish Post express department, it is usually delivered to your door by a local courier service, but we cannot name it. Priority option is regular airmail, small parcels don't have tracking numbers, large orders that are sent in Priority as parcels come with tracking. Economy option is usually ground mail, sometimes airmail, but without tracking. Please place your order and we'll see which is the most suitable method for your parcel.
Why is the price raised with the order less than 5 euros (e.g., a postcard) automatically to 5 euros?
This happens because the minimum order value is 5 euros with Ruslania.
How often is the website and the goods stock quantities updated?
Our website is normally undated 1-2 time per day, the stock quantities are automatically renewed every half an hour.
Why does the number change after clicking on "recalculate shopping cart"?
This happens because the program checks the product availability at the time of the order. If you want to shop, e.g., 3 same postcards, and after clicking "recalculate shopping cart" the webstore shows only "1" product, this means that only 1 copy exists in the stock at the moment.
I have ordered a product online. Why is it not sent off immediately?
It can happen that the customers have bought the last copy of the product ordered by you in the Helsinki book store, and your order will be delayed until the next delivery from Russia. In such case we inform the customer about the delay.
In which case is the return of the product possible?
According to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, any goods mailed to a private citizen may be returned within 14 days from the receipt. A returned item shall be essentially in the same condition as it was at the time of receipt. The right of return does not apply to DVD and CD disks, if the wrappings have been opened, nor does the right of return apply to computer software and electronic books transferred via the Internet. In the event of return, customer carries the postage fee of the return, except for faulty or incorrect items, for which Ruslania will cover the postage fee of the return. Any return shall be settled with the Customer service in advance.
What is "zone 5" and how one can watch DVDs that carry that zone?
All DVD films are sealed with regional code of the country where they are spread. The world is split to 6 zones. Russia belongs to the zone 6, the USA and Canada - to the zone 5, Europe – to the zone 2. Therefore, there do not function the DVD films of a zone on the DVD players of the other zone.
There are some ways to watch such DVDs:
  • Purchase of a multi zone player (you can ask Ruslania for a one)
  • Purchase of a DVD player in Russia
  • Watch of the film on the computer
  • Decode your DVD player
Do you sell only books in Russian language?
We do carry translations of Russian authors, books about Russian economy, culture, history, guide and textbooks in Estonian, Finnish and English and into some other languages, as well as of films with the subtitles into different languages. Most books, however, are in Russian.
If I carry out at the same time an order and a query how I can avoid double postage fee?
In both cases you are asked to write in "Wishes concerning the order / query" that the goods are to be sent in a package.
Do the prices in the online business contain taxes?
For the customers from the EU countries, the prices are displayed with the value added tax, for the customers from other countries – without value added tax.
Is a duty fee or a tax added to the product price?
If you order beyond the EU, it is possible that you should pay the value added tax in your country when receiving the package. For the further information you should contact local custom authorities.
What to do if the program informs that a user with this e-mail address already exists?
This happens in the case if you have subscribed your e-mail address once (and this you have forgotten) and try to register again. Or you have forgotten the password and want to carry out the registration again. Even if you want to register another person with your e-mail address (for the payment with the credit card), this will not be a possibility.
I have forgotten my password. What to do?
Go to this page, enter your e-mail address and press "Reset password"
Why are you selling propaganda books?

Our idea is that literature, textbooks and periodicals should remain available without censorship. So anyone who wants to learn about things and broaden their perspective can do so. Withdrawing books from sale would also mean depriving all researchers, institutes, armed forces of the various countries for which we are a supplier of the opportunity to read them.
Ruslania is indeed unpolitical. We distribute books from the most opposite positions.

From us, you can buy books representing all sides, also as Putinin trollit, Venäjän vakoojaverkosto, Vaiennettu: kuinka Venäjä murhasi agentti Litvinenkon, The less you know, the better you sleep, and many others. We are also the importer of Novaya Gazeta and distributed it all over the world until the publication ceased.

We are on the side of free information flow, no matter how strange, non-factual or biased this information might seem. We will keep importing books, music and periodicals from Russia, Estonia and Scandinavia. We should not limit the access to information and literature, non-fiction, children’s books, for Russian-speaking families in Europe and the World. 

In Finland, books are recognized as extremist and are withdrawn from sale only by court order. If a court decision comes to any of these books, we will withdraw it, but for now we are not taking action, because we consider that this would be censorship.

We are also the importer that brings books from the Ukraine and distributes them in Finland and other countries, in Europe and USA to libraries.