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Grammatika chuvstv

Grammatika chuvstv

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Grammar of feelings.
The object of this book is to teach students to speak about the feelings and experiences using rich lexical and stylistic means of the Russian language. The book is a logical continuation of the work “Emotions and opinions” by the same authors. Human feelings are very important and may serve as stimulus in learning a foreign language. The main focus of the present book is training of the oral speech habits.
The book is divided into six topics: love and friendship, disaffection and hate, courage, fear, faith, mistrust. Every chapter is supplied with vocabulary tables to introduce the actual lexical material of the chapter. The tables describe different methods of working with new words. There are tasks to develop grammar skills.
Another purpose is to master the skills of carrying dialogues and monologues.
The book contains interesting texts and a set of various creative tasks and play situations. There are grammar exercises too. At the end of each chapter there is a conversation part to develop the skills of dialogical speech. At the end of every chapter there is an authentic text from the Russian prose and some related exercises.The target groups are students of advanced level. Before starting the above book, another book called “Emotion and Opinions” is recommended.
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