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  • RUSSIA. 3 D relief wall map with panorama effect 330*248*30 mm

    The map is delivered framed.
    All captions in Russian.
    High-raised relief panorama for office, home and school design and decoration.
    The height of the panorama relief reaches 40 mm.
    High-raised relief panoramas create the effect of visual perception of the real-volume landscape from the bird's-eye view, especially the real dynamics and detailed characteristics of the mountainous relief.

    DESCRIPTION of high-raised relief panoramas

    Raised relief map with panorama is a new generation of relief maps.
    Size 330*248*30 mm, relief height up to 40 mm.

    Panorama effect has been created through localized horizontal exploration of mountain systems from 12 viewpoints at an alternate angle up to 55° followed with model profiles overlapping basic cartographic projection.

    Mountain peaks create real-life shadowing identical in proportions to the mountain systems and relief dynamics perceived in both visual and tactile ways.
    Raised relief map with panorama effect will be a surprise and a geographic discovery for those who value quality and epics.

    A precise landscape model along with far-reaching infrastructure makes a raised relief map with panorama effect attractive as high-profile business accessory and interior design item.

    The map combines austere style with easiness of reading.

    Relief height and detalization realize the landscape perception effect from ‘a bird’s eye view’. This is an ideal interior design decision for home and office.

    High profile of the map, verity of the landscape with a soft colour score, informational content assume harmonious integration into CEO offices, corporate headquarters and company divisions.

    Produced by TESTPLAY, a leading manufacturer in modern cartography. The product is patented, patent #2032230, licensed and CE certified.

    Verleger: Testplay im Jahr 2018

    Sprache: Russische
    Ean: 4820092270381
    Lagernummer: 600068
    Kategorie: Wall maps 3D;

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