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  • Nikolaj Rastorguev i gruppa Ljube. 55

    Nikolay Rastorguev is the front man of the group "LJUBE" since the first day of it’s existence. The album was released in February 2012 for the 55th anniversary of the soloist. Nikolay Rastorguev has a more than 23-year-old history as a member of the group. This album consists of 34 songs on two disks, including a new song «Prosto Ljubov (Simply love)», written down together with groups "KORNI" and «In2nation». The song also appears in the film «August. The eighth».


    Disk 1:
    1. Atas
    2. Batka Makhno
    3. Ne gubite, muzhiki
    4. Stantsija "Taganskaja"
    5. Ljubertsy
    6. Ne valjaj duraka, Amerika
    7. Tramvaj "pjaterochka"
    8. Sirota kazanskaja
    9. Davaj-najarivaj
    10. Doroga
    11. Kon
    12. Kombat
    13. Samovolochka
    14. Glavnoe, chto est ty u menja…
    15. Ulochki moskovskie
    16. Rebjata s nashego dvora
    17. Gody

    Disk 2:
    1. Tam, za tumanami
    2. Skvortsy
    3. Ty nesi menja, reka (Krasa)
    4. Soldat
    5. Posle vojny
    6. Pozovi menja tikho po imeni
    7. Starye druzja
    8. Davaj za…
    9. Po vysokoj trave
    10. Ot Volgi do Eniseja
    11. Ne smotri na chasy
    12. Berezy
    13. A zarja
    14. Moskvichki
    15. Podruga
    16. Esli…
    17. Prosto ljubov

    Performer(s): Ljube.
    Published / Manufactured by: Kvadro-Disk in 2012
    Media type: AudioCD CDs: 2
    Ean: 4603377013282
    Category: Russian Pop music;
    Sold out (not kept in inventory any longer)
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