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  • Cellist's Golden Repertoire. Alexey Lazko (violoncello), Igor Lazko (piano). 2 CD

    The first performance of Igor and Alexey Lazko refers to 1965, when the glorious duet presented J. S. Bach’s and L. van Beethoven’s sonatas on the stage of the Leningrad Philharmonic Society. Then there followed the concerts via the Soviet Union, while the repertoire was enriched with the opuses by J. Brahms, E. Grieg, S. Rakhmaninov. The musicians were also forming the trio together with the violinist Mirra Lvovna Furer-Lazko, having served at the Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmony.


    CD 1

    L. van Beethoven. Sonata in 2 movements. Op. 5, ? 2

    1 I. Adagio sostenuto. Allegro molto 12’25”
    2 II. Rondo. Allegro 8’43”

    J. S. Bach. Suite C major for violoncello solo

    3 I. Sarabande 2’13”
    4 II. Bourre 2’16”
    5 III. Gigue 1’47”

    J. S. Bach. Sonata G major

    6 I. Adagio 3’47”
    7 II. Allegro 3’29”
    8 III. Andante 2’55”
    9 IV. Allegro moderato 3’06”

    A. Vivaldi. Sonata E minor

    10 I. Largo 1’41”
    11 II. Allegro 1’41”
    12 III. Lento 1’27”
    13 IV. Allegro 1’11”

    14 L. van Beethoven. Variations to Händel’s Theme 12’00”

    15 G. Goltermann. Nocturne 3’58”

    16 J. Brahms. Austere Tune. Transcription for violoncello and piano by A. Lazko 3’07”

    Total time 65’46”

    CD 2

    S. V. Rakhmaninov. Sonata in 4 movements. Op. 19

    1 I. Lento. Allegro moderato 10’50”
    2 II. Allegro scherzando 6’45”
    3 III. Andante 5’27”
    4 IV. Allegro mosso 10’47”

    J. S. Bach. Suite ? 1 major for violoncello solo

    5 I. Prelude 2’21”
    6 II. Sarabande 1’34”
    7 III. Minuet 2’11”
    8 IV. Gigue 1’02”

    J. S. Bach. Sonata D major

    9 I. Adagio 1’54”
    10 II. Allegro 3’51”
    11 III. Andante 4’06”
    12 IV. Allegro 4’23”

    13 L. vanBeethoven. Seven Variations to Mazart’s Theme 9’06”

    14 G. Fauré. Elegy. Op. 24 5’53”

    15 C. Saint-Saëns. Swan. From the suite “Animals’ Carnival” 2’38”

    16 C. Saint-Saëns. Allegro appassionato. Op. 43 4’06”

    17 A. L. Gurilyov. Nocturne. Transcription for violoncello and piano 2'47''
    Author(s): Various authors
    Performer(s): Lazko Aleksey
    Published / Manufactured by: Compozitor (SPb.) in 2009
    Media type: AudioCD CDs: 2
    Catalogue N: CD75
    Ean: 4602202257280
    Shelf ID: 222995
    Price:  16.00 €
    (12.90 € without VAT)
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