Use the account number in the IBAN format always when you pay from abroad!


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Account number


Account number in the IBAN format

FI54 1239 3000 6042 28

Nordea Bank Finland's SWIFT code is


International Bank Account Number

The International Account Number (IBAN) has been adopted in international payments. Its adoption aims at reducing the number of incorrect account numbers in international payments and improving the automation and reception of cross-border payments.

Your International Bank Account Number is formed from your present domestic account number by adding the country code (in Finland FI) and a two-character verifier in front of the number. In Finland the IBAN has 18 characters.

When should the IBAN be used?

Use your account number in the IBAN format always when you pay from abroad.

The use of the IBAN always requires the use of the beneficiary's bank's SWIFT code. The SWIFT code of Nordea Bank Finland is NDEAFIHH.

By informing payers of your IBAN and Nordea's SWIFT code you secure that incoming international payments are registered to your account quickly and faultlessly.

As a rule, the IBAN is at present used in the EU area. Other countries will adopt it according to their own schedules.