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  • Calendar of Nature in Russian for 2019

    A beautifully illustrated calendar will remind you of a frosty morning, the smells of summer and the voices of migratory birds. Lively and colorful language tells about the amazing variety of seasonal phenomena of nature and the animal world.
    Nature calendar will be a good gift to a friend or a foreign partner.
    Size: 37 x 56 cm
    Holidays and weekends are not marked in the calendar.

    The calendar of nature for 2019 is devoted to changing the species composition of living organisms. Change is a constant process, but man’s actions only accelerated it. Various representatives of flora and fauna travel with one person from one corner of the world to another. In addition, many species of organisms are purposefully moved from one continent to another. Some of these invasive species are considered harmful. Global warming is changing our species composition of organisms faster than this has ever happened before. Every year in Finland there are new "residents". However, some species of organisms are endangered.
    Verleger: Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto im Jahr 2018
    Grösse: 37 * 56 cm

    Sprache: Finnisch
    Ean: 6430021730701
    Lagernummer: 500095
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