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The Case Book for Russian (including interactive CD-ROM for Mac & Windows)

The Case Book for Russian (including interactive CD-ROM for Mac & Windows)

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Book by Laura A. Janda, Steven J. Clancy
-Each case is organized into large chapters [nominative, instrumental, accusative, dative, genitive, locative (prepositional)] making for easy finding and concentrated studying.
-The book clearly explains what circumstances to use each case in
-The book gives detailed case tables at the beginning of each chapter, including differences between hard and soft noun modification
-The book uses REAL sentences pulled from actual Russian sources, so it is in its most pure form.
-The book has detailed exercises at the end and a computer CD to check them with (native female speaker pronunciation included)

"The Case Book for Russian" has a very modern 2007 type textbook layout despite the 2002 book date. The authors use great layouts on the difficult subject matter of the use of each Russian case. I am very impressed by the layout (similar to adult education reader friendly beginning math or language books).

The translation sentences are very well selected and complex. There is plenty English so you can read the book. Since the subject matter is a bit hard, one could say that it is not a fast reading book (maybe similar to second year Russian textbooks in topics), but I don't think the authors have any area to improve on. They have made a big smart effort.
The CD-ROM contains recordings of all examples by both male and female native speakers and fully interactive exercises.
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