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Shono. Hunters. Throat Singing from the Shores of Baikal

Shono. Hunters. Throat Singing from the Shores of Baikal

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Buryat and Mongolian traditional folk songs with a drive and rock sound.

SHONO’s new album, "Hunters" is a real gift for all fans of throat singing. Such styles as Khoomei and Eskheree (sygyt) can be heard in most songs, at times featuring simultaneous throatsinging by several members of the group.
SHONO was founded in 2014 by Alexander Arhincheev. Alexander professionally performes Buryat folklors and epic songs (uliger), masters several throat singing styles and skillfully plays the Buryat and Mongolian traditional instruments.
The spirit of the ancient rituals of Eurasian grasslands pervades the whole album, creating a unique atmosphere. Easily and naturally the musicians capture the attention of the listener throughout the album. Appropriately balanced against the background of traditional melodic heritage, rock-roll drive and rhythm put the group on a par with the best groups of the contemporary Siberian and Mongolian ethno-rock, such as Yat Kha, Namgar, Altan Urag etc.

1. Anguushad / Hunters (Buryat Traditional Song)
2. Sayan Uulin Magtaal / Praise the Sayan Mountains (Buryat Traditional Song)
3. Ejel Gansam Ereere / Song of the Long-Awaited Friend
4. Galtai Uula / Fire Mountain (Buryat Traditional Song)
5. Sagdaa Bukhemni Erheleg / Song About the Warriors (Instrumental)
6. Baigal Dalai / Song About the Baikal (Buryat Traditional Song)
7. Khadin Khursa Nogoondo / Mountain Grasses (Buryat Traditional Song)
8. Zulayash’e / Wedding Song (Buryat Traditional Song)
9. Ner’elge / Buryat Ritual Dance
10. Shono / Wolf
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