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Smart blocks+ writing trainer (English language)

Smart blocks+ writing trainer (English language)

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Smart blocks with connecting bases.
Writing trainer with sensory lines.

Reading - math
Easy to make words and sentences, repetition of letters up 6 times
Math problems solved vividly and easily and with lots of fun


Makes writing training quicer 2,5-3 times
Forms good handwriting
Develops writing skills on iPad and smartphone screen

The blocks have all the ABC and punctuation marks on their planes. The bases of the blocks are connectable in a way that allows only left-to-right direction of the words and automatically prevens the letters from reverse-reading or upside-down position.
The size of the blocks has been chosen so that it develops natural sensitivity (sensory capability) and motility of child's fingers, prepares him for writing and contributes to correct pronunciation.

The blocks have all math symbols studied by children up to 9 years old. It forms counting skills, helps to memorize simple mathematical rules and delepos ideas of lenght, amount, space and volume of objects.

Writing trainer has been designed in a form of a plate. Both sides of a plate carry letters and their elements as relief lines. On the bottom part of the lines there are tactile marks made in a form of relief ridges.
Parameters of lines and ridges and their frequency make the trainer a perfect tool for writing as it simulates classic writing mechanism, ways of managing a pen in the hand, vectors (direction) and epure (pressure) applied to the pen by index finger, middle finger and the thumb.
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