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Russian Lotto

Russian Lotto

20.00 € 16.13 € utan Moms
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Russian lotto is a simple and at the same time very exciting game that both adults and children will like. It can be a wonderful entertainment to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. In the set you will find everything for the game: kegs, the number of 90 pieces, the numbers on which are drawn on both sides of the end cuts; 24 playing cards, each of which is a checkered field with numbers inscribed in some cells. Russian lotto can be purchased both in your collection and as a gift to someone from your friends. You may be surprised, but especially the lotto will appeal to those who have small children. Wooden barrels can be used as a game for studying numbers, suggesting children to put them into rows in ascending or descending order, sort by tens, look for specific numbers, and so on.

Barrels - 90 pcs.
Cards - 24 pcs.
Rules of the game
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