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  1. Ruslania services

Are you looking for a reliable partner to deliver your mail?




The Helsinki-based bookstore Ruslania Books Oy increases its courier services. The service will now operate three times a week from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg. The couriers are Ruslania’s own drivers who have been driving between the two cities professionally since 1998.


Ruslania transports non-commercial goods, such as mail, gifts, samples, brochures, promotional and fair products.


The courier service functions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. For example if a shipment is delivered to Ruslania by Tuesday morning, it will be carried to the recipient in St. Petersburg during Wednesday.

When shipments are sent from other parts of Finland, they should to be delivered to Ruslania. In some situations we can arrange the pick-up in Helsinki. When shipped from St. Petersburg, our couriers will pick up the shipment from the sender and deliver it to Helsinki by next morning (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).


Ruslania offers its clients reliable and moderately priced courier services from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg.

Pick up from Helsinki EUR 15,0 (limited availability)

The service is VAT free (delivery to countries outside EU)

If a parcel is going further on from Helsinki, we can ship it with Finnish Post. In this case we will charge the  shipping cost according to Finnish Post’s tariffs plus a handling fee of EUR 15,0.


The courier service works from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, too, with same prices.

We do not charge fuel extra charge.

We can send your cargo forward from Saint Petersburg to other Russian cities, please ask for an offer!


Please contact us, surely we can offer you courier service based on your demands.