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  • Tchaikovsky. Complete Works, Academic Edition. Volumes 1-4. Concerto nro 1 for piano & orc., 1. & 2. reduction. Score & transcription for two pianos

    Vol. 1 — 1. reduction. Score
    Vol. 2 —1. reduction. Transcription for two pianos
    Vol. 3 — 2. reduction. Score
    Vol. 4 — 2. reduction. Transcription for two pianos

    The project of the Academic edition of Pyotr Il'ich Tchaikovsky's complete works was launched in 2013 by the State Institute of Arts Studies and the P. I. Tchaikovsky State House-Museum as a part of the program devoted to the composer’s 175th anniversary. The new edition of Tchaikovsky's works is based on the results of both Russian and international Tchaikovsky scholarship of the late 19th and 20th centuries; it takes into account also the contemporary knowledge and the ideas formed by the beginning of the 21st century, especially in the field of musical source studies and textual studies. The edition is intended first of all for performers, teachers and students, as well as for Tchaikovsky scholars. Its aim is to present the composer’s enormous legacy (both musical and literary), as it is known today, as exhaustively as possible.
    The projects task is to reproduce the texts of Tchaikovsky's works (both musical and literary) with maximum accuracy and authenticity on the basis of the principal sources reflecting the composer's ideas in every detail. The unfinished works, whose sketches and drafts are extant, will also find their place in the appropriate volumes as facsimile publications with relevant commentaries. In some cases the reconstructions of such works, made by S. I. Taneev, B. V. Asaf’ev, P. A. Lamm, V. Ja. Shebalin, S. S. Bogatyrev, and P. A. Klimov, will be published.
    The whole conception of the academic edition of Tchaikovsky’s complete works, including the editorial principles and the scientific methodology, is founded on the comprehensive studies carried out by several generations of scholars who have explored the composer’s legacy and the methods of his creative work. Though the results of earlier scholarly works are taken into account, they are thoroughly revised and reconsidered with due regard for contemporary scientific achievements, including the studies in textual and source history carried out within the present project for any of Tchaikovsky’s works. Every text (both musical and literary) published in this edition is an outcome of the comprehensive analysis of extant sources realized by the scientific editor of respective volume. The scientific editor's task is to provide the most accurate description of every source, especially of its parameters and its content, and to analyze all the available information on it in reference books, publishers' lists and other publications.

    From the publisher:

    The print of the first four volumes was yet a thousand copies. Polina Weidman says: "We can not determine exactly how many volumes there will be.
    At the moment, there are 118 designated volumes. But in line with global practice, we plan to open a new series when new text comes out so, that we will not need to change the numbering. The two editions of the First concert, plus comments and articles - that's four volumes. Scores of operas, ballets - several volumes for each title, including scientific apparatus. "All over the world work on this level is a legacy for decades - not less than 50-60 years. But, according to Polina Weidman, these are our composers, and we are responsible to the world for that musicians get their musical scores.
    Author(s): Tchaikovsky Petr
    864 pages, Hardcover
    Published / Manufactured by: MPI (Music Production International) in 2015
    Series: Pyotr Il'ich Tchaikovsky. Complete Works, Academic Edition

    Language: Russian, English
    Ean: 9785962802015
    ISBN: 9785962802015
    Shelf ID: 154294
    Category: Sheet music: Performing Repertoire for Piano;
    BIC-code(s): AVRG
    Price:  275.00 €
    (250.00 € without VAT)
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