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  • Russko-finskij i Finsko-russkij slovar s transliteratsiej russkogo jazyka Polyglossum

    Over 150,000 search terms
    In this Russian-Finnish-Russian dictionary Polyglossum search is carried out on Russian words and phrases, Finnish words and phrases, and also on transliterated words and phrases of the Russian language. Ie, this Finnish-Russian and Russian-Finnish dictionary contains three alphabetic index lists: in Russian, in Finnish, and the transliteration of a list of Russian words and expressions (phrases).

    The dictionary database of this Russian-Finnish-Russian dictionary Polyglossum contains about 150,000 search words on the actual Russian and Finnish vocabulary

    This structure of this Russian-Finnish-Russian dictionary: Russian - transliteration of the Russian language - Finnish is prepared according to the numerous wishes of Finnish and other foreign users who do not have a keyboard with Russian font. Ie, this Russian-Russian transcription-Finnish dictionary Polyglossum can be used without having a keyboard with the layout of the Russian language - instead of the Russian language to search for Finnish matches, the user types Russian words and phrases in Latin, and in the search results receives words and phrases in Russian language with Finnish correspondences.

    This dictionary will also be useful when visiting numerous online stores selling Russian products, but often with a description of it in transliterated Russian, this applies primarily to bookstores, music stores, etc. Also, most foreign bioliotics indicate the names and descriptions of books in Russian in transliterated form. Trpanliterated Russian or, often used word, translit can often be found on chat rooms and forums, so the Finnish-Russian-transliterated Russian-Finnish dictionary Polyglossum will be useful both in chat rooms and forums.

    This word Polyglossum will also be useful when searching the Internet for those who do not have: the Russian keyboard: in the search box of the Polyglossum dictionary, the user types the word in Finnish or Latin in Russian, and, finding the search word in Russian, copies it into a search the system
    Published / Manufactured by: ETS in 2019
    Media type: CD-ROM or USB flash drive Ean: 6418163070015
    System requirements: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10
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    Price:  24.00 €
    (19.35 € without VAT)
    Shipment: 2-4 days from the moment of the order

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